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MDS America is the leading company in MVDDS technology. Backed by 16 years of design and testing and 6 years of operational experience, MDS America MVDDS systems are the next step in the evolution of wireless broadband. In the United States, MVDDS systems have 1 GHZ of effective Radio Frequency spectrum to provide very high-speed wireless broadband service.

At the core of this innovative technology is a high-speed Multi-channel Video Distribution and Data Service (MVDDS) system created by MDSA and called MDSA MVDDS GigaBand System. This system is based in principle on established radio techniques, and consists of discrete directional or omnidirectional low power transmitters positioned on towers, or even buildings. The coverage of the signal can extend from the transmitter to the radio horizon. In the US, MVDDS power levels are such as to provide for a 10 mile diameter cell size for MVDDS.  The unique design of the MDSA MVDDS transmitters system facilitates an exceptionally accurate signal that allows transmission of video and data at very high speeds over long distances. A signal may be received up to 200 kilometers from the transmitter with a very small passive antenna in countries with the allocated power levels. MDSA MVDDS systems may also cover a much wider area such a city or an entire country, by using a cellular structure, in areas with only a low power allocation.

Using years of deployment and site engineering experience, MDSA has developed proven techniques for deploying MVDDS systems. No other company can make this claim.

MDSA MVDDS customers have received reliable signal delivery at 67 km from the transmitter. 


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