Innovative Design

Through a process of continuous design refinement and testing, we have been able to innovate transmitters and modulators that push the envelope on the operational characteristics of terrestrial MVDDS systems. Other companies who claim to have terrestrial systems with similar capabilities to the MDSA Technology system are using "off-the-shelf" components. While they are able to force these "off-the-shelf" satellite components into a terrestrial broadcasting system they do not have the capabilities or the scalability of the MDSA MVDDS  system. When installing large systems such as an MVDDS systems, discovering that your system will not scale after one has customers on-line is a terrible situation. OUr Systems have been installed on 4 continents.

MDSA MVDDS uses several optimized modulation protocols. This optimized signal overcomes the issues involved with terrestrial transmission in frequencies previously used for satellite transmission.

In most instances an MDS America designed MVDDS systems is used to provide service to less urban areas. This transmitter is placed on a tower or appropriately elevated location outside the urban area to avoid multi-path problems associated with transmitters located within an urban area. However, we have developed a very low power 0.001 Watt micro repeater/transposer for deployment in urban areas.

Not only is the MDSA MVDDS system capable of transmitting digital quality television programming, but it is also used for high-speed data distribution. Taking into account the asymmetrical nature of general Internet use, MDS America set out to address this growing need for bandwidth. The architecture of the MDSA Technology's Internet system enables data delivery to end users at speeds that exceed ISDN,  T1, and Cable connections, wirelessly. 



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