Field Testing

Field Testing

MDSA has extensive field testing experience. MDSA systems have undergone two separate real world tests, conducted by an Independent testing company, for the Federal Communications commission. 

Before an MDSA MVDDS system (terrestrial satellite system) is deployed, our engineers carry out in-depth field studies. Due to our extensive knowledge and practical experience, we understand the correlation between transmitter site engineering and a properly functioning system. Using a sophisticated field simulation program which inputs satellite acquired detailed topographical maps, MDSA engineers are able to determine and predict the shape and strength of MVDDS Radio Frequency fields. Based on this information, simulations of different network configurations are carried out in the planning stage of any system. This eliminates much of the real world testing that is needed to deploy a functioning system. Engineers can then custom design the system to accommodate different environments.

Coverage Surveys

MDS America can provide complete computer-generated radio coverage surveys, at a very low cost, to customers worldwide considering such systems. Our in-depth Coverage Survey reveals the areas where the signal can be received, taking into account  the position, power, and pattern of the transmission antenna. This gives potential MDSA Technology Operators a detailed visual representation of their entire signal reception area.


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