MVDDS Modulation

The digital signal transmitted from the MDS MVDDS system is modulated in differing ways according to the type of system being purchased. MDSA MVDDS systems can use both DVB and DVB-2 (QSPK, 8PSK) modulation for television and Data distribution. As well MDSA has designed a very high speed 802.11 modulated system that can provide 3 simultaneous HD video streams and high-speedInternet data to a user terminal. This system is capable of over 250 Mbps to a individual user terminal.


The DVB and DVB-2 standards are widely employed to broadcast digital video programs. The DVB protocol is proven to be a very effective way, both technically and economically, of transmitting digital content with the MDS MVDDS system. The DVB compatible stream can contain several video and audio channels combined with data content in MCPC transmission. The ratio between data/video/audio can vary dynamically as required by the applications and services. This also enables better space segment utilization by using a single carrier rather than the need for a dedicated carrier per application.

802.11 or WiFi type modulation is a suite of modulation protocols that are adaptive. This means that the MVDDS GigaBand system adapts to the signal strength and quality. This is one of the many advantages of using custom designed MVDDS equipment rather than trying to adapt satellite equipment to terrestrial applications.   


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