Allen Quinn, Chief Operating Officer

Allen Quinn, Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer for MDS America, Allen Quinn brings more than a decade of operational experience in the Cable TV industry to his role. Mr. Quinn is responsible for supporting the MDSA team with procurement and logistics as well as being responsible for the daily operations of the company.

Quinn is also instrumental in MDSA's marketing initiatives including, branding, content development, programming, product management, and product marketing, and is known for his ability to establish long-term mutually productive business relationships within the industry.

Mr. Quinn's previous marketing and operational experience includes:

  •     Regional Marketing Director (Prestige CATV) Ga, N.C.
  •     V.P./General Manager (Annox CATV) Ga, TN
  •     General Manager (Community CATV) Ga
  •     V.P. Operations (CMS Inc.) Southeastern U.S.


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