Business Overview

MDS America designs and builds turn-key MVDDS systems. MDSA provides products and services for high-speed wireless digital MVDDS networks and MPEG DVB-2 broadcast. The MDSA system is designed to operate in the 2 - 60 GHz frequencies but is optimized for the Ku-Band. MDSA technology is capable of reusing spectrum in the 10.7 -13.7 GHz band, which is currently co-allocated for Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) and MVDDS use. MDSA MVDDS technology enables digital television, data, and satellite-rebroadcasts to co-exist with DBS broadcasts on the same frequency band without causing any interruption in either service.

MDSA is the major player in MVDDS market. No one else has the experience or expertise of MDSA when it comes to MVDDS.

This process of spectrum co-existence offers numerous possibilities and is widely beneficial. It creates unprecedented opportunities for truly effective wireless digital television and high-speed data terrestrial broadcasting services. The application of this service will not only bring the benefits of competition to the Wireless internet, Cable TV and DBS industry, but also provide high-speed data and digital television to consumers at an accelerated rate and lower cost!


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