MDS America, Inc.

MDS America began with a concept that defied convention; To place a satellite on Terra Firma rather than having one orbit the earth at 22,000 miles in space. The result: MDSA MVDDS technology, bringing wireless broadband back down to earth.

MDSA MVDDS Technology is a terrestrial wireless system capable of transmitting video and high-speed Internet data on the same frequencies used by satellite broadcasters, the Ku-Band, without causing interference. MDSA MVDDS systems have had unparalleled commercial success on a global level. Due to MVDDS' ability to operate on the same frequency as DBS systems, MDSA Technology has been implemented for commercial use in a number of locations worldwide coexisting with DBS satellite.

MDSa has become the world's  "go to" solution provider for TV operators and ISPs, MDS America provides very high speed carriers with multi-channel digital television and high-speed Internet capabilities at significantly lower cost then existing Wireless, DBS, and CaTV systems.

While MDSA has a truly global footprint, MDS America is dedicated to serving the rapidly growing U.S. Telecommunications market with a broad array of products and services. Using our unique point-to-multipoint communication systems, we have pioneered an innovative and powerful wireless data and digital television distribution solution.

Our systems are easy to implement and extend. Combining existing infrastructure with leading edge wireless techniques, MDS America's MVDDS systems can provide digital television and high-speed internet access to consumers at a dramatically shorter time to market and significantly less infrastructure investment. MDSA MVDDS Technology is perfectly positioned to bridge the digital divide by extending its connectivity capabilities to rural areas. No other technology has the potential to reach so many so quickly. 


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